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Monday, April 24, 2006


Public Education - The Foundation of Our Community

For the first time ever, the education experts of our community--public school teachers--are hosting an Education Summit for all those who care about the foundation of our community, our public schools.

The United Teachers of Dade Education Summit will launch a community-wide effort to create a blueprint for public education in Miami-Dade. This event will provide a unique opportunity for business leaders, philanthropists, religious and community leaders, parents and school administrators to share ideas with teachers and school-related personnel about how to shape policy for our public school system in Miami-Dade County. To meet the needs of our globalized local economy, we must prepare our students, support our teachers and educate our community.

Among the topics discuss was the issue of "Affordable House" and "Employee Retention" within the school system.

Home Financing Center was on site sharing their expertise in today's real estate market, offering solutions such as government assistance through grants and subsides and Employer Assisted Housing programs. Mr. Patrick Butler, President of Home Financing Center Realty, was one of the speakers at this event.

"Educating the homebuyer and presenting them with solutions to their financial needs by way of these grants and subsides currently available will create stability and a sense of belonging for our teachers." Said Mr. Butler.


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